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Game Zuma Revenge For Android Full Version

Kumpulan Software Gratis | Game Zuma Revenge For Android Full Version | Since many are asking for the multiply android exciting game, then instantly share my game Zuma's Revenge For Android android game to add to your collection.

An irresistible force has taken our fearless frog to an island where the puzzle-action of Zuma has evolved in amazing Airways ... but evil spirits & Tenacious tiki bosses rule the land! Survive the Wrath of the island by shooting stone spheres to destroy the deadly stream of balls.

Slide and hop for smarter shots; hit targets for exotic bonuses; detonate new power-up balls; battle six imposing tiki bosses and guide your agile amphibian to victory in four all-new game modes! Will you be Able to TAME the jungle in this exciting new ball-blasting challenge.
It must have been familiar with Zuma's? So I do not need to explain further, because it is tantamount to its PC version.

Zuma's Revenge Game For Android this when I try to install the galaxy y can not, but I try in galaxy w goes well. If you are curious, please try it yourself.


You have a sixth checkpoint at all levels in a region. So if you lose all your lives here, you will be Able to restart from the checkpoint, only the first level of this area.
When you see the lightning ball, the which turns into a bonus ball. Beware of flashing through the corner of my eye, so you can focus Quickly switch.

bonus plans are not limited by time, but by number of strokes (for different bonuses). So even if you do not want to wait too long, Sometimes it can pay to think you know where to use your voucher.
Try to get all the benefits to be Achieved, but not doing stupid moves That fill up your board. Fruit Quickly to help meet the counter Zuma to complete the level.

bonuses chain (all the hits in a row is a set of three or more balls, hitting the fruit does not break the chain) can be a little more helpful than you think. Sometimes it is better to take half a second to think, but to collect bonuses in the chain, the which fills the HSC.

If you can do a triple or more combos, line balls in turn, give a short breath, but welcome.
When the level has Become so difficult, That it is just Trying to survive just concentrate on mopping up the chain bonus, compensation Frond balls towards the end of the line, and fill the "as soon as possible.
If you create a gap Between the two balls of the same color, full line of balls to go in the opposite direction.
Whenever possible, shoot through a hole for bonus points.

Try not to throw the ball to the end, firing off the last ball bump bar slightly forward. In general, try to focus as much as possible on the front.

If you have any balls That you can not use right now, Generally it is best to just shoot them into Oblivion, but to put them online.
Password : www.remo-xp.com


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