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It is necessary to wear uniform to school


In Indonesian, almost all schools require students to wear uniforms to school. Some people say that school uniforms are dull and unattractive, but school uniforms, and only school uniforms, can create a sense of uniqueness. You can say the school song, school flag, school logo, school motto, school mission and school vision is different, but nobody really notices that. It is the school uniform that people notice.
In my opinion, it is not just a habit. In fact, it is an important and essential part of schooling, for very simple reasons. Wearing school uniforms to schools promote good values in students, and thus it should be continued in Indonesian.
School uniforms can also differentiate the level of education a person such as elementary school students, junior high school and senior high school. other than that, wear school uniforms can also prevent the occurrence of a difference. for example, there is a high economic students with low economic students. if not a common school uniform it would be the difference between them.
Furthermore, by wearing school uniforms, students can learn the value of saving time. The students do not need to waste time just to choose branded or trendy clothing. Students want to be their best so that classmates would have a good impression on them. wear uniforms can increase the sense of brotherhood among the students so that between them arises a sense of unity
Therefore, I conclude that school uniforms are necessary and essential because it promotes values of paramount importance.

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