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English Drama

Stage 1

Fathur  : Hey Fan
Fandy  : Hey tour
Fathur  : what are you doing?
Fandy  : what you see?

Fathur  : I see you're playing guitar
Fandy  : yes you're right, what are you doing?
Fathur  : no. Would you accompany me to the house of Kevin?
Fandy  : okay let's go
Fathur  : let's go

Stage 2

Fathur  : Kevin!!!
Fandy  : Kevin!!!!
Kevin  : wait a minute,. . . . . What are you doing here?
Fandy  : just friendship
Kevin  : so
Fandy  : so
Fathur  : so
Kevin  : are you kidding me?
Fathur  : no, we actually want to take you out. Would you?
Kevin  : why not. Let's go

Stage 3

Kevin     : What are we doing here?
Fandy    : none!
Fathur   : what if we go to the cinema?
Kevin     : it's a great idea
Fathur   : what movie will we watch?
Kevin     : mmmmmm ..... Do you have any ideas?
Fandy    : I think it's a great genre is romance, drama, comedy
Kevin     : I know
Fandy    : what is it?
Kevin     : Crows Zero
Fathur   : it was incredible. you're really smart
Fandy    : whatever
Kevin     : then, would you go to buy the tickets fandy?
Fandy    : OK

Stage 4

Fandy    : sorry friend. we are less fortunate, the tickets run out.
Kevin     : Oh no
Fatur     : do not be confused, let's go home
Kevin     : lets go
Fandy    : lets go

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